About my CV

I was born in en Rosario (Argentina) and I lived in different countries like Brasil and Germany.
In 1987 my life changed and we moved to Barcelona.
Here I found light and color that inspired me to follow my way in painting.
When I was 16 years old, and recently arrived to Barcelona I began to show my work in several art galleries in the city.
Finally I decided to study Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. While my Erasmus Stipend in Germany my interests changed  after finishing my studies.
After years doing exhibitions and working with art galleries I wished to discover new painting supports and new creative experiences.
This conduct me to experiment with silk during years and specially with the material contradiction:
Forth and smoothness.
I tried several techniques since I felt identified with some of them.
In fact I use them often and mixed up.
Now it’s more then eight years working with silk and creating unique and exclusive silk scarves. 


1990-1992 Academia L’Estudi
1992-1997 University of fine arts  Sant Jordi in Barcelona
1996-1997 Thesis : principles of perspective in Germany: the prospect before Dürer
2005- Degree in webdesign


1992 spatial expression (BCN)
1993 Urban photography (BCN)
1993 Principles of perspective in Italy (BCN)
1994 Photography and emotion: the transience of the moment (BCN)
1994 Nude photography (BCN)
1995 Short: a counter-clockwise (Valladolid)
1996 Art direction (Germany)


1996 Workshop Art/ Space Faculty of Fine Arts (BCN)
1996 Erasmus Scholarship at the Fachhochschule für Photodesign Kamera und Dortmund (Germany)
1996 Lighting Seminar by Wim Wenders in Dortmund (Germany)


1998 Art- Expo with Manifiesto Galeria Barcelona (BCN)
1999 Art- Expo with Manifiesto Galeria Barcelona (BCN)


1991 XXXIII Young prize for painting the Sala Parés (BCN)
1992 ‘Assalt a l’atzar’ in Transformadors Painting Workshop -808- (BCN)
1992 ‘jeune artist ‘ la maison de verre  (Paris)
1993 ‘ in passingCentenary of the German School St. Albert the Great(BCN)
1994’  Joung artists’ Kreisverwaltung  Dortmund (Germany)
1995 ‘Mediterránea’  Casa Elizalde , Donart (BCN)
1995 ‘Luarca national painting contest ‘(Oviedo)
1996’ Internet Galerie Barcelona www.Fortuny.es
1996 ‘ Fine Arts Group Exhibition ‘ Galeria Espai Blanc (BCN )
1997 ‘The man and the myth ‘ Manifiesto Galeria Barcelona (BCN)
1998’ Classic and contemporary still life Casa Elizalde Donart (BCN)
1998 ‘Artists books  ‘ Galeria Espai Blanc (BCN)
1998 ‘Artists toys’ Galeria Espai Blanc (BCN)
1999’ Classic and contemporary still life’Donart (Monasterio de Sant Cugat del Vallés )


1993 I taught drawing as an assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts 
1994 I taught contemporary art history substitution (3 months)
1997 Remodeling Project of the Faculty of Fine Arts attached to project management
1996 Translation for the drawing department of the Faculty (1800 texts of the German Gothic)
2000-2006 photo retouching for various advertising photographers
2000-2006production of different Webpages for various business sectors
2006- 2010 chemical research on silk painting (especially resins)
2006- 2010 preparation, research and collections launch of  hand painted silk scarves
2010-Today silk painting classes
2011- release and registration of brand and business plan for "SH by Hadrath"


Photoshop CS, In design, Flash 8 , Dreamweaver 8 , Freehand , Image ready CS, 3D studio

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