Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rose and violet remember me the smell of  lilacs and burgundy roses, 
the sweetnes of lavender and one of my hobbies when a child : ballet. 

Green is for me freshness, vitality and specially the taste of lima and lemons. 

Orange is for me creativity ...... in the broadest sense. It has to do with culinary improvisations, with the taste of curry and the smell of fresh oranges. 

Silver ..... for me is the elegance ..... but only with a touch.... not too much. 
It's like beeing in another world combined with black and white. 

Last but not least black..... the no-color that absorbs all the colors.... the most used in outfits and the never understood... Black is the color of forms, textures and subtlety. I love it but I don't abuse ... There should be only a touch of it in the work I'm doing....


  1. Where did you get the images? There a quite a lot.
    Like it ! Really inspiring.

  2. You can even not imagine...from fashion magazines,add some colors and some satin ribbons,which I collect cause of the colors.
    Thanks for you comment.Kisses, Stephanie