Saturday, March 17, 2012

These days there are many post about pastel colors... for me sometimes they are too sweet so I decided to plastify them and to change a little bit the "order" we are used to see them .... sometimes changing the order new combinations may came up and a new point of view of the same thing can open us to several ideas. 

Estos días hay muchos post sobre los colores pastel.... a mi a veces me resultan demasiado dulces por eso decidí plastificarlos y cambiar un poco el "orden" al que estamos acostumbrados a verlos.... a veces cambiando el orden muevas combinaciones aparecen y dan un nuevo punto de vista sobre lo mismo y nos pueden abrir a numerosas ideas. 


  1. Love the way you display the colors!

  2. So pretty! We are loving pastels too. Really amazing imagery!

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    ox from NYC!


  3. this combination is totally amazing...............
    bravo Stephanie!
    ciao my dear friend!